Publié le 03/06/2021 | Actualisé le 07/03/2022

The Sorbonne Business School Equality Plan 2021-2023

Anchored in humanist values, the Sorbonne Business School resolutely committed itself in 2021 to a 3-year Equality plan in line with its convictions, particularly that of "placing the individual as the central value of its action". Director Éric LAMARQUE and Clotilde CORON, who was in charge of equality at the time, take a look at the Sorbonne Business School's Equality Plan on video. Note that since September 2021, Clotilde Coron has joined the management committee as deputy director in charge of societal issues.

To achieve the objectives that have been set and validated by its Board of Directors, the Sorbonne Business School has articulated its Equality plan around 4 axes:

  • fighting against violence;
  • equal access to professions and responsibilities;
  • elimination of pay gaps;
  • articulation between private and professional life;

Consult the full Equality plan >




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